“Government of the parties, by the parties, and for the parties…”

Is this what the Framers of the Constitution designed? Is the fate of the American Republic to be controlled by the parties?

Less than five percent of Americans know that the party system is not in the Constitution. The Framers loathed political parties and designed the Constitution to prevent them from taking over government — yet today parties run our country, dictate our elections, and have stripped from the American people the sovereign position our Founding Fathers created for us.

“We the people” have been so enfeebled by our loss of sovereignty that we are now helpless to stop politicians from shutting down our government or bankrupting our country. But the parties’ chokehold over our elections and thus our country…

…will end when we restore the American people’s right to nominate their own candidates.

By exploiting one weakness in the Framers’ magnificent design, the parties quietly transformed the people’s representatives into party representatives. This fundamental dysfunction now subverts every aspect of American government. The Right to Nominate shows how they did it, what the terrible consequences have been, and what we must do to restore the people’s sovereignty and the original design of America’s Constitution.

The Right to Nominate distills two hundred years of electoral experience to reveal the missing cornerstone of representative government (missing worldwide and throughout most of history): the unredeemed right of the American people, the Right to Nominate. It presents a simple but revolutionary answer for the political rebirth of America: Amendment XXVIII.

Amendment XXVIII, offered in this book, will establish a constitutional mechanism for the people to reach into their own communities and nominate respected non-party, non-activist, independent candidates as the Framers envisioned. 

This Amendment will break the suffocating stranglehold parties have held over our elections and restore a freedom which Americans should always have had: to vote for well-vetted private citizens they respect and like, instead of having their freedom to nominate restricted to lists of party "sales rep" candidates who are obligated to serve their party's commitments to clients and special interests before the people.

The Right to Nominate amendment will allow the people to nominate those most respected and most proven among us into governing positions — greatness in government must come from the people. 

Establishing the people's Right to Nominate in our Constitution will open a glorious new era of civil discourse to replace the venomous, slanderous, and degrading campaigns the party system has inflicted on America.

To hell with the spirit of party!

What joy lies ahead for America; what a renewal of freedom, simply by restoring what has been  taken from us, and then used against us by the parties: the Right to Nominate!


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