What It Is:


The Right to nominate is a discovery.

A discovery is far more than an idea. 

Ideas may be creative. They may be about something fanciful or theoretical, something that does not exist in the real world.

But discovery is the act of finding something that already exists, was already there before its discoverers came upon it.

The Right to nominate has always existed, waiting to be found. And waiting to be described.

Some discoveries are made through rigorous scientific investigation. A determined researcher may already know there is an underlying structure supporting certain molecular interactions, for instance. But his task is to determine exactly what that underlying structure is, and why it produces the results it does. He must investigate to discover these things.

So one kind of discovery comes through rigorous, intelligently directed research.

Other discoveries are made accidentally, by being stumbled upon. Vulcanized rubber was discovered when someone accidently spilled tree sap onto a hot stove.

But in either case, the thing to be discovered was simply there, waiting to be found.

The Right to Nominate has always existed, waiting to be discovered. It has been "hidden in plain sight" for over two hundred years of American history.

Like the law of aerodynamics which describes how much 'lift' is produced when air flows over the curved surface of a wing, (a law which was being used daily for millennia by birds, right before our eyes; but wasn't yet known or used by humans), the Right to nominate was also being used and abused in America, right before our eyes, for two centuries; but we didn't recognize it, nor realize who it rightly belonged to.

The Right to Nominate was treated like a natural resource, like a tree in the forest, simply available for the taking. Ambitious men seized hold of the Right and began to exploit it.

Party men used this Right to put their own allies forward. They then pressed on to gain full control of their parties' nomination processes.  Eventually, they were able to nearly monopolize nominations; and thus restrict, to their own party members, whom Americans would be allowed to vote for or elect to office. 

Even though they had no more right to nominate than any other American citizens.

In fact, the 'party men' were seizing and exploiting for their own benefit a Right which always belonged to all Americans. But because this Right was not yet discovered and described, we were unable to understand (or describe) what was happening to us. Parties formed; they organized, they took for themselves what rightly belonged to all, and they took over our government.

The consequences would have been almost unimaginable to Americans in the early 1800's:

We lost our Constitutional form of government.

After just a short time, the Framers' design, based on the sovereignty of the people, was pushed aside and replaced by the "party system". But the ferocious party conflicts of the 1790's riveted public attention; and when that period was over, very few realized that we'd suffered a coup: a change of our basic form of government.

When parties took control of American government, they quietly took the sovereignty of the people away from them. [Sovereignty means functional control--i.e., Who is really the Boss?]

That loss of sovereignty is the reason for the sick feeling, the unhappiness, felt by the American people in our day. It is the underlying cause for the dysfunction that now permeates our entire government. 

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                                         "What if...?" 

What if the law of aerodynamic 'lift' had never been discovered? We would live in a much different world. Our skies would likely be populated by balloons: lighter-than-air ships. Everything would be going at a much slower pace.

Whatever we might have patched together as air transport, based on balloon technology, would have been very primitive. Possibly, some system of ropes and pulleys would have come into use to transfer freight. Maybe bicycles would hang below sausage-shaped balloons, like in old comic books. Air transport would have been crude, risky and inefficient. 

That level of crudity, with balloons, ropes and pulleys, well describes what our politics look like under the party system. We are struggling under a crude, corrupted, patched-together way of doing things through parties that just does not work. Vast amounts of public money are wasted. Enormous, irresponsible debt now looms over us, threatening to destroy our economy. "Access" to lawmakers is being bought through gifts of money; and such purchased favoritism has become a way of life in this dysfunctional form of government.

It is government "..of the parties, by the parties, and for the parties".

The motivational fuels for the party system include Greed and ambition. But Division and anger are among the party system's tools; and have become embedded in its culture. These things now abound, and are getting worse.

Degradation of our politics through extreme partisanship has in turn brought a degradation of social trust; a degradation which historically tends to spiral into violence.

These are fruits, results, of the party system. They were not inevitable. But because the party system does not allow other choices besides either one party or another party, pressures build up and the people have no way out. 

For a true republic to survive, its people must always have a genuine range of choice, and their will ought to be be sovereign. To lock the people into having only party choices (seeing that parties are compounds of intensely selfish interests and ideology. slathered with rhetoric) is to guarantee frustration and ever more intense disgust among the people. This restriction of choice, imposed on citizens through control of nominations only benefits the elite few who think they can "play" the resulting forces, and therefore want things to stay the way they are: party bosses. 

The party system is so crude, so primitive, so full of lying and cheating, it is not fit for a mature democracy. Corruption and lies are embedded in it; and will continue to abound until we get free of its slimy grip. 

The biggest in circulation right now, one that permeates our academies and fouls our culture, is the lie that political parties are somehow equivalent to "democracy". They are not.

The Framers of the Constitution loathed and distrusted political parties. Parties throughout history have been the means for ambitious men to concentrate power into fewer and fewer hands (i.e., their own). The Framers understood this; and did not trust parties; they did their best to stop them. 

But the parties took over our government anyway. They shoved the Framers' design aside. That is our history.

This history is not irreversible. The parties took over our government because they found a "loophole" in the Framers' design. That loophole can be closed.

A Discovery has now been made. It's the discovery of the Right to Nominate. We now know what the Framers could not know; nor could anyone else on earth at that time.

With this discovery, we can now restore and complete the Framers' magnificent design. We can now rid ourselves of the corruption and vicious enmity built-in to the 'party system'. We can restore our Constitutional government. Let's do that! Let's pass the Right to Nominate Amendment.

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