Joy Ahead for America!

Joy lies ahead for America, and profound satisfaction, when the Right to Nominate is added to the Constitution. Adding it to the Constitution will, of course, add it to the Bill of Rights.

The Right to Nominate is an inalienable human Right on which our life as a nation must increasingly come to rest. This Right has been unrecognized and unredeemed until now; but unless it is adopted and guaranteed, our great Republic will continue to spiral downward: held captive to the entrenched selfish interests infesting the party system.

Why joy?

Well, just imagine the consequences of this Amendment: 

It's 2024, and another election year rolls around.  Before the election, the state of Tennessee sends a one-page document to each voter, asking if that voter would like to suggest someone to be a candidate for Congress; someone they know, whom they've come to genuinely respect. 

There's no obligation to do so; but if the voter does want to name a potential candidate, they must sign and return this 1-page paper as a legal document, under oath that their suggestion of a candidate is theirs alone: no one, no group or "activist" of any kind, has solicited it. (Some questions on the back of the form must be answered to make sure of this.)

The voter briefly describes their experience with the person they're naming; and what it was about them that drew the voter's respect.

For many reasons, a majority of folks won't return the form. But they will think about it. It's a legal document, after all; and it asks for their direct input into representative government. Gradually, the mentality of the voters begins to change.

From the frustration, anger and disgust generated by the party system--which they know is rigged against them and controlled by party leaders and their clients--to a freshly dawning reality: "Hey!  under the new Amendment, this actually is becoming MY government!" 

"Government of the people" has returned! Instead of that being an empty slogan under the rule of parties, belied by complete party & clients control over government, "government of at the people" is now BACK in operation!"

Now skip ahead, to when the Nominating Body (the "Jury/Convention") is meeting. All proceedings are televised. The list of names sent in by voters has been well vetted, sifted down to a few dozen.

These "finalists", the most respected and well-liked citizens in Tennessee, are invited to sit down with the nominating Jury and engage in thoughtful discussion of the most important matters facing government.  

Joy comes as you listen to honest and heartfelt discussions among fellow citizens you respect (Civil Discourse). NOT to endless accusations, slanders, lies, and spin from party "perps". What freedom! This is how it always should have been!! 

More joy will come when you realize that if the party slander machine gets turned against your fellow-citizen nominee, your vote will boot party "perps" right back to where they came from, and will elect your fellow citizen. And will bring the parties face-to-face with a whole new reality: either change your slimy ways, or disappear from Tennessee and American government.

Freedom! from the corruption at the very core of the party system!

That freedom will bring great joy.