Power to the 'Independents' !

Isn't it strange that the largest bloc of American voters, called "Independents", have almost no power?

This group is enormous, and getting larger all the time, as the parties sink lower and lower into dirty, slanderous campaigns; and hate-fueled divisions.

This group, the Independents, contains our most discerning and intelligent voters, who do NOT swallow every "party line", but prefer to think things through and reach their own conclusions. 

And yet this bloc of voters is compelled to wander in the wilderness, pushed and pulled by both sides, until finally being forced to choose the "lesser of two evils", as if that were real freedom!

No. That is not freedom. It is instead a party-organized, party-benefitting restriction of freedom!

"Hold your nose and pull the lever!" is the message of the party system to our independent voters, who are our best hope for rational, unprejudiced political decisions. "It's them or us! You got no other choices! So, just shut up and pull the lever!"

And the galling thing is, they're right. There are no other choices. (Unless you're into throwing your vote away on a 'write-in'). "No other choices" is how the parties, though not in the Constitution, nevertheless maintain perpetual control over American government and all its expenditures.

Even if your (reluctant) party choice is slightly better or "less evil" than another party choice, you have the sick knowledge that your vote is also enabling a corrupt network of clients, crooks and sycophants (in either party) to line up at the trough of public funds and power. 

So what is the answer for our most intelligent voters, the Independents? What should they do?

Form an "Independents' Party"!?! That would not only be contrary to their nature; but would wreck what makes them valuable.

No. Another party would only make things worse. Multi-party systems are like giant snake balls : MORE insider deals, MORE cronyism, more game-playing, and more hypocrisy--all the evils of the party system, multiplied.

The right answer is for America to entrust our Independent voters with more influence, with MUCH more power, through the Right to Nominate Amendment. This will give the people (especially Independents!) a Constitutional route to nominate well-vetted NON-party candidates for elective offices in every general election.

These respected non-party candidates can then be evaluated one by one, each on their own merits. NOT as a slate of "go along to get along", "dance with them that bring ya" party hacks and loyalists.

Perfect for Independents! And because the country will actually begin relying on independents to nominate better citizen candidates, then their influence will grow to match their huge numbers.

More power to the Independents!