The Lost Sovereignty

The "sovereignty of the people" is the governmental concept the Framers of our Constitution based their design on.

Sovereignty is no airy concept: it is a blunt and unavoidable one, and simply means, Who is the Boss? Who has the right to govern, the right to be obeyed? 

Wars have been fought over the answer.

Under monarchy, the king or queen is sovereign.

Civil wars in Great Britain eventually resulted in a form called "constitutional monarchy", with power supposedly shared between the monarch and a parliament. But this is only an appearance. Real power to govern rests with parliament; sovereignty has been removed from the monarch. The monarchy is now merely symbolic, an emotional and cultural relic. 

Likewise in America, the 'sovereignty' of the people has been removed from them, and taken elsewhere. The people are no longer the Boss, as they once were.

Who is now the Boss?

The Framers' design has the people ruling (their word) through elected representatives. But suppose someone else were to get control of those representatives? Who would then really be in charge? The answer: whoever really controlled the representatives (i.e., not the people). 

The political parties and their leaders now control our representatives. Parties and party bosses now hold the sovereignty that was intended for us, the people.

Evidence for this is clear: things the people hate are easily imposed on them. Such as the shutdown of their government. And a monstrous, crushing national debt (an  abuse of the people's trust) piled up through ruinous borrowing that includes decades of "pork" and "earmarks".

The people are helpless to stop these things. That helplessness of the people in the face of what party politicians do reveals how serious is the dysfunction of the party system. It is not "government of the people", when the people hate what's done in government..

But the people are no longer the Boss.

The people's sovereignty has been taken from them, and they instinctively know it. Many may not know the concept, or know how to describe it, but they feel the consequence of their loss deeply. 

The effects of this loss have steadily increased; and now produce deep dissatisfaction and anger among many people. Their unease, their sense that "our country is headed the wrong way"; is an underlying reality that erupted in the 2016 election.

But one candidacy or election cycle will not fix the underlying problem.

This problem is terrible in its effect, changing us from a government "of the people" to a government "of the parties, their leaders and clients." And yet at its root, the problem is simple. It can be corrected.

The problem is historic: beginning in the late 1790's, political parties shoved aside the Constitutional design, (based on the sovereignty of the people), and took control of American government. That control, it turned out, meant sovereignty.

Since then, Americans have been taught that the party takeover of our government was inevitable.

It was not. The Framers completely opposed this possibility. Since then, party politicians have increasingly gone feral (like hogs in Texas) more and more sure that the people can't stop them.

In one sense, this history of party takeover could be viewed as a coup, a monumental crime. But the reality of it was far more tragic than criminal; it wasn't done with criminal intent. The tactics used in this birthing time of party DNA were abusive and wrong (featuring vicious slander & lies); and split America apart; but both camps claimed the highest grounds for using the lowest (and most immoral) means. Just like today.

    [see "Slander Wars" in The Right to Nominate, pg.96-101; and "The Desperate Nature of            the Struggle", pg. 93-95 ibid]

It happened because of human nature; the tendency to disagree; then to quarrel and fight. (And then put "the fight" above the common good.) Also, the human tendency to strive for more and more selfish advantage (and to use any means to get it). Plus the tendency to fight for self- vindication against opponents (those so foolish or wicked as to disagree); and to pursue ever-more total defeat of those opponents. And to finally count them as enemies. 

Party DNA, (conceived in our country in the 1790's) fiercely imagines that completely defeating and subjugating opponents, or destroying them, is the ultimate way to solve problems. Partisan DNA easily assumes that opponents are the CAUSE of problems; not simply fellow citizens with a different viewpoint. 

The outcome of such thinking is to hate or despise the other side; (with one historical result being civil war). 

The party system has fed on and encouraged the worst traits in human nature; and has ended up now on the verge of consuming itself; as well as taking us on a path that the Framers well knew could destroy our republic. 

The Constitution was brilliantly designed to check these traits. These traits are exactly why the Framers loathed political parties ("factions"), and tried their best to prevent them from taking over. Their reading of history told them that nearly all past republics spiraled down into writhing death agonies due to the effects of faction (i.e., parties).

The Framers gave every effort to limit the effects of parties and to stop them from faking over. They wrote into the Constitution anti-party clauses, and publicly described them as such. The Right to Nominate restores this lost history, and shows where these clauses are in the Constitution's text.

The Framers did so lest " divisions, the pestilential breath of faction [i.e., foul, diseased breath]..poison the fountains of justice".  [Federalist #81:6]                                                                                     

But no one on earth then had experience with elections in a large, free republic. So their brilliant design contained a loophole. And the parties used that to take over, anyway.

The people lost their sovereignty. The parties quietly took it from them, with no announcement or debate. 

The people will not be happy until they get it back; (i.e., until the original design of the Constitution is restored). The party system as it now operates, fundamentally contradicts the Constitution's design. 

The party system (parties-only in control of government) is not in the Constitution. It has to go.

But all is not lost. This terrible mistake, this wrong turn in history, can be corrected.

The Right to Nominate Amendment is perfectly designed to fit into the original Constitution, and to restore the Framers' design. It will do so without violating any citizen's rights, including party members. 

This Amendment will actually expand every citizen's rights; and give the people back the right to vote for whom they choose (and not be restricted to voting only for party members--an outrageous restriction of American liberty). It will give the people the tools they need to get their sovereignty back; to become the Boss again, as the Framers designed us to be.

Let's find out what our original, Constitutional form of government can do.  It hasn't had a chance to prove itself since the party system shoved it aside!