From Your Old Boss

Boss Tweed, of Tammany Hall notoriety, said it:

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating."
(Quoted by Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal, 11/2/16)

Think of all the poor saps, and dupes (like us), who have wasted their effort and their sincerity, working to elect party-system candidates. What a mighty outpouring of time and effort, just to help things get worse and worse!


"In a republic, whoever controls nominations for elective offices controls the resulting government."

[such as in Iran, Cuba, China, the old Soviet bloc; Tammany Hall, and Chicago]   --from The Right To Nominate, pg 9

This axiom remains true in our two-party system. Less obvious perhaps, but still true. (Just ask Boss Tweed.) It reveals how political parties took away the American people's sovereignty.

                                                 The People As Objects

If the people's Right to Nominate is lost, usurped or stolen, then the people lose their sovereignty and become Objects of manipulation.                                                 

                                                   The People Subjected                                                    

If the people do not have the power or means to nominate their own candidates, then they will   remain Subject to the manipulations of those who do nominate candidates. 

--Right to Nominate, pp. 151-152 

                                                      The Solution

"The people of a republic must possess the power and the means, independent of the government and independent of all parties and interest groups, to seek out and nominate their own candidates for public office."  

"The people must have the power in their own hands to nominate candidates, regardless of whether political parties exist or do not exist. And †hey must have this power independent from parties, if parties do exist."       --ibid.

     Primary Elections Do Not Solve This Problem

"...everyone in a primary is either a party member or virtually all nominees emerging from primaries will be what? Party candidates. So control of government stays in the hands of the parties and party leaders..."       --Ibid.

Your Old Boss's way of thinking is alive and well in your current Party Boss's mind.

* Additional recommended reading: Rude Republic, by Altschuler & Blumin. 2 Cornell scholars do real investigative history on 19th century party politics, giving us a far more accurate picture..