From the Book:

                                          Chapter 25:   SUMMING UP

Our examination of history has led to an unavoidable conclusion: The magnificent design of the Constitution, as brilliant as it was, could not work as the Framers intended because of one flaw: all the careful checks and balances it featured were embodied within the government.

But the parties based their pursuit of power outside the structure of government by organizing to win elections.

We've determined that Constitutional checks and balances are as necessary in elections as in the structure of government; or else organized parties will overwhelm those elections. They will take control of government away from the people, and thus take away the people's sovereignty.

Finally: we've found, through long, difficult experience, that the party system is ruinous; it does not work.

The goal of this book is to walk in the steps of the Framers, to "take men as we find them," and to carefully implement an added Constitutional structure which can handle men as we've found them over the course of more than two hundred years. 

This book promotes a system embodied in an Amendment that can handle party tendencies toward greed, aggression, and secretiveness--which will keep cropping up again and again, no matter what reforms may temporarily be in effect.

Our goal is to restore the original design of the American Constitution by bringing its brilliant checks and balances design into our election system, thereby restoring the people's sovereignty.

Our goal necessarily includes breaking the stranglehold of the "parties-only" [in control of government] system and restoring the original vision of the Framers for a "mixed" government in which the people have the upper hand over all parties through their own elected representatives. [I.e., ones nominated by the people and therefore not co-opted or replaced by party representatives pretending to be "the people's" representatives.] 

This was the Framers' intention and design.

We intend to restore the upper hand imbedded in the Framers' design by restoring to the people their lost Right to Nominate; (specifically, to nominate non-party candidates).

All to be done in the context of Liberty; so that the parties are free to do as they choose and nominate whom they will; but now the people are made free also to nominate candidates of their own choosing as well.

Then, in the general elections, let the whole people--the electorate--always make final choices between party and non-party candidates.