Welcome to Right to Nominate!


Welcome to the Right to Nominate website! This will be the home for all information concerning the book and (hopefully) the 28th Amendment to our Constitution. After a decade of research, we're excited to announce that The Right to Nominate book is ready for release! You can see a quick overview here, pick your copy up here, and then help pass the proposed 28th Amendment.

We'll update this site regularly with events, speaking engagements, posts, and some good explorations in history, constitutionalism, and the Founding Fathers.

It's time to restore the power of the people over the power of the parties. We think many people are  tired of 'so much complaining and protesting'--but then nothing happens.  (Over and over.)

The Right to Nominate is not a protest.

It is a clearly defined proposal, an Amendment perfectly constructed to fit into our Constitution's original design; indeed, it's intended to restore that design. This Amendment is meant to close the loophole which political parties exploited to take control of our government, thus taking the people's sovereignty away.

It is predicated on the reality that only power can check power; and that a change in our form of government can only rightly come about by amending our Constitution. 

To make this happen, there is much work ahead.