Thomas Erik Peterson was born in Texas, the third of five sons. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1968 (A.B., Government) and attended Harvard Law School, 1969–70. He is presently an associate member of the American Political Science Association and the International Political Science Association.

After his schooling, Mr. Peterson set out to pursue the life of a philosopher, but felt the call to ministry and thus spent several decades serving as a ministry worker and a senior pastor; then regional overseer, and international teacher. During his years of service and leadership in the church setting, Mr. Peterson’s political insight and awe for the republic the Founding Fathers originally designed remained constant, even as his motivation grew to see the fullness of its potential glory and justice restored to benefit the American people. The Right to Nominate is the result of over a decade of research.

Thomas and his wife, Cynthia, make their home in Kansas City near three of their five children, all of whom are involved in their communities, military service, careers, and the fight against human trafficking, respectively.